Wordle The Odds


This little applet is built with Rust/WASM and JavaScript. I wanted to know the odds of picking the right word based on the letters that I had in the right place and the letters I found that are contained in the wordle puzzle.


In the boxes below, place the letters that are in the correct position. Don't place anything in the boxes where you've not selected letters. For the "Found Letters" place the letters that have been found but are not in the right place.

Correct Letters Placed

Incorrect Letters Placed

If you want to further refine the odds, select the incorrect letters below:

All letters found, but not in the right place

Odds of guessing the word are

1 in of the correct answers.

Word Frequency Results (up to 50)

Word list updated: 2022.09.17


- 2022.09.17 - Updated word list from NYTimes.
- 2022.03.12 - Fixing HTML layout.
- 2022.03.11 - Added a word frequency distribution table to help provide insight in to commonality of words that are left. Details on the distribution being used are here: wordfreq

- 2022.03.05 - Added the option to select incorrect picks to help reduce the odds presented.